People. Travel. Food.


I am an artist and an adventurer.  People and their culture fascinate me.  Though I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, I  travel frequently in search of new ideas and opportunities to learn about the culture of a place and it's people.  I don't believe in just being a tourist, but spending some time in a place to really get to know the lifestyle of the locals, capture the unique beauty of the landscape and try new foods.  I strive to develop work that truly represents a place and it's people. 

My love for photography developed at a young age when I first dreamed of being a travel & tourism photographer.  I saved up my allowance to buy my first camera at age 8 and never went a day without photographing.  From there, I fell in love with capturing the personalities of people and places.  Lifestyle photography, environmental portraits and coastal travel are some of my favorite things to shoot.

When I'm not out photographing the people and places around me, I can be found climbing, surfing, painting or scouting out a good local coffee shop.