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Adventurous, Coastal Inspired Fine Art

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Welcome to the shop!

Fine Art Photography by Caroline Martin

Caroline is a world traveler captivated by light. Her fine art photography is adventurous, like her spirit and inspired by the coast, her favorite place. You'll find photographs from around the world, especially tropical places, that capture the beauty and the culture of the places she's traveled. Caroline is always looking for that mountaintop where the light hits just right or a crashing wave that encompasses the magnificence of the ocean. Hawaii and Northern California are a few of her favorite places. Please explore and enjoy!


Limited Edition


Some moments in time are so special and so rare that they deserve to be recognized. Limited edition pieces are only released in small quantities, printed with the utmost care and mailed right to your door.

Chincoteague & Assateague Ponies - Virgi
Majestic Assateague Ponies
Fine Art Prints starting at $95
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