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Life at Capital One - Corporate Lifestyle Photography & Environmental Portraits

I worked with Richmond, VA based agency, Authenic., to create some corporate lifestyle imagery for one of their big clients, Capital One. The client was in need of an image library for their website and marketing materials that captured "life at Capital One". The campaign was to help draw prospective new team members to apply by showing the work culture at Capital One as not your typical stuffy desk job. We worked with several existing teams as models at one of Capital One's campuses over a two day shoot, capturing a combination of environmental portraits, headshots and day-in-the-life lifestyle scenarios featuring some of the cool hangout spots and work spaces on campus.

I collaborated with Authentic.'s creative team to plan a shot list and scout locations before our shoot days so we were prepared for production. I used minimal artificial lighting for this particular shoot, only supplementing with strobes for a few scenarios in darker areas. The client preferred more of a naturally lit look so we did our best to capture how the interior of the campus actually felt. We also had a hair and make-up artist as part of the team for initial application and touch ups along the way. The client ended up loving the images so much that they came back and licensed a handful more after the shoot! I'm excited to have been able to produce a great library of images that Capital One can work with for years to come. And it was amazing working with such a great team at Authentic.!

Here are just a few of my favorites from the shoot:

A mother and daughter walk with coffee from Aromas in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

An older couple enjoying dinner and a glass of wine at The Trellis Bar & Grill in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A couple shops for engagement rings at The Precious Gem in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A mother and daughter shop for clothes at The Carousel Children's Boutique in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A family takes a selfie with Thomas Jefferson in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A dad walks with his kids through the square in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

Two young women carry their shopping bags as they walk through Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A young woman sips coffee as she enjoys the morning in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A group of friends enjoy pizza and beer at Mellow Mushroom in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.


Here's a few ways Capital One used the photos:

Caroline Martin Photography traveling in Sydney, Australia


A special thanks to Capital One, Authentic. and my wonderful crew:

Agency: Authentic.

First Assistant: Chuck Rudisill

Hair/Makeup: Ashlyn Landrum, Transformations Artistry


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