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The Market @ 25th - Annual Report photography for BlueHub Capital

Caroline Martin Photography traveling in Sydney, Australia

It was great shooting for BlueHub Capital's Annual Report this past year. I was invited onto the construction site for the new Church Hill retail center in Richmond, VA, called Market @ 25th to capture the progress of the center and the men and women who were building it. We shot back in January and the Market @ 25th officially opened in April. This center was much needed in this area because Church Hill has long been considered a food desert. Now the Market @ 25th has not only provided Church Hill with a grocery store, but also affordable housing, a bakery, financial center and a VCU Health Hub. It has been exciting to see the construction unfold since January and I was glad to be able to capture the progress!

Here are a few additional shots from our for BlueHub Capital:

I had mostly available light to work with and some of the construction areas were cramped and very dim. I had to climb scaffolding and squeeze into some tight space to get a lot of these shots. It was very cold up on the roof and muddy down on the ground level so being a rock climber and having invested in some tough hiking boots came in handy for this shoot! I am happy with how the images turned out, especially considering that this was real time construction with not many opportunities to pose my subjects. The construction crew was awesome to work with and were happy to let me capture them!

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