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GLO Orthodontics - Editorial Cover Story for Orthodontic Products magazine

I have never laughed so much on a shoot! Dr. Gardner and his team at GLO Orthodontics were so much fun to work with. The moment you walk into their office, you are surrounded by bright, colorful murals, tropical plants, surf boards and a funny poster with Dr. Gardner's head on the body of a windsurfer. There's even a Dippin' Dots cooler in the hallway! Thankfully I finished my round of orthodontics back in high school but if I needed more, GLO would definitely be the place I'd go!

Initially I was contacted by the editor of Orthodontic Products magazine with an assignment to photograph the cover story for the upcoming issue. The story was to profile Dr. William Graham Gardner and how he is using Invisalign and its treatment planning platform in his practice. I was to capture a variety of scenarios such as patient consultations, treatment and coworker interaction as well as a portrait of Dr. Gardner to be used on the cover of the magazine. Several GLO staff stepped in to model as patients for the shoot. Dr. Gardner had us all laughing during every scene with the "fake" diagnoses and "treatments" he discussed enthusiastically with the pretend patients. Dr. Gardener and his partners at GLO are not only fantastic orthodontists but they obviously know how to have fun! They put an emphasis on their personality which really makes them stand out from the crowd!

Here are just a few of my favorites from the cover shoot (I think you'll get the idea of Dr. Gardner and the office's fun personality!):

A mother and daughter walk with coffee from Aromas in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

An older couple enjoying dinner and a glass of wine at The Trellis Bar & Grill in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A couple shops for engagement rings at The Precious Gem in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.

A mother and daughter shop for clothes at The Carousel Children's Boutique in Merchants Square, Williamsburg.


Here are a few shots of the photos on Orthodontic Products magazine cover and in the cover story spread:


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