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Wild In The City - Capturing Outdoor Adventure within the City Limits

This past year, I worked on a photo essay all about the endless outdoor activities to do within the James River Park System. I pitched this idea to Richmond Magazine last winter after being inspired by my experiences spending time exploring the James River during the peak of the pandemic. Though I grew up in Richmond, VA, I never realized just how many outdoor adventures there were to partake in right in my own city!

The James River Park System offers endless adventures all within about a 10 mile stretch of the river, which also cuts straight through the heart of the city. Some of the JRPS adventures that visitors and locals can partake in include kayaking or rafting Class IV rapids with a view of the city skyline, outdoor climbing, hiking or mountain biking 7+ miles of trail around the river, fishing, tubing, rock hopping and more.

With the inability to travel during the pandemic, I spent a lot of time trekking through the waters and brush at Texas Beach, an urban oasis within the park, great for swimming and hiking. It really did feel like some of the exploring I used to do in the beaches or jungles of Costa Rica, but I was only 10 minutes from home! These experiences inspired me to set out and highlight these adventures through photographs.

Throughout the year, I scheduled 7 shoots, one for each of the activities I wanted to highlight. I found a bunch of amazing volunteer models, scouted out each location for interest and best time of day, and directed the models in each activity. Richmond Magazine picked their 9 favorite photos from the project and published them as a feature in the June 2022 issue! Here are some of the highlights from the project.

A woman in a bathing suit and sun hat looks out at the ocean in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico Airbnb patio and healthy meal food photography at Papaya Playa Project


Richmond Magazine June 2022 Feature:

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